Aries Traits and Personality

Aries Zodiac Personality Traits

An Aries native dons the first position in the zodiac lane and this trait is seen in his life journey too. He does not follow people else he establishes his own rules and follows them. When he is assured and committed towards something he will do it heartedly.

If you want an Aries to perform its best them give him a quest or challenge him. They love challenges and winning. They will indulge their mind, body, and soul in winning the contest. They are impulsive, passionate and motivated people who are ready to take on the charge. They have many things going on their mind at one time. In fact, they are capable to perform multitasking. They want everything aligned and won’t rest until they have an envisioned professional and social life. Beware, these people are magnetic and the good thing is you can trust upon them completely.

Sometimes they may be rude but they are outspoken and will tell you each and everything about their past. If they are going through something you can expect answers from them. They may be blunt in cases where honesty is the need as they lock their horns when they see injustice. They are fiery and short-tempered but at the same time, they are good souls. They will call you on your success and will motivate you.

If you manage to work with their anger, you won’t be in any problem. An aggressive passive card is something you need to surpass. Just try to understand them and take a deep breath before walking in.

Aries fascinate everyone with love and respect. If you are the potential partner they get to know that you are the one whose chemistry will be unmatched. They do every sweet thing to attract the one they love. Some of the time, they have to figure out where to back off and encourage long-lasting relations. These firecrackers are fun to be with however they don’t really make an incredible match. Aries are lovely, adaptable, enthusiastic and dependable in every sense.

Let us see what an Aries name shout about them

A for astonishing

R for reliable

I for intelligent

E for energetic

S for sexy

Quick factsAries Zodiac Characteristics
Element Fire
Ruling PlanetMars
Lucky Number1, 8, 17
Represented byThe Ram
Ruling HouseFirst
Spirit ColorRed
Lucky dayTuesday
Lucky GemDiamond
Compatible withLibra and Leo
Positive traitsCourageous, Enthusiastic, Determined, Confident, optimistic, Honest
Negative TraitsImpatient, Short tempered, Moody, Impulsive

Famous Aries personalities are Pandit Ravishankar, Field Marshall, Ramnathan Krishnan, Ali Akhbar Khan, Bismillah Khan, Celine Dion, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Chan, Robert Downey Jr. and many more.